WiFiSpoof Highlights

Surf Public Wi-Fi Networks like a Boss!

MAC Address Spoofing

Easily change your Wi-Fi/Ethernet MAC address – no need to fiddle with the Terminal. Generate completely random MAC addresses, or specific vendor addresses with the in-built vendor database.

Fully Customizable

Setup custom rules for all your favorite networks - randomize every 30mins at your favorite cafe, set to a predefined MAC address at work, and set another MAC address at home. The possibilities are endless.

Global hotkeys

Configure global keyboard shortcuts to instantly access the main window with handy network information, randomize your MAC address, or toggle the built-in timer function.

Private browsing

Avoid silly network restrictions and protect your privacy while surfing public Wi-Fi networks. MAC addresses are not encrypted while you surf the internet, leaving your computer as a potential target for undesirable tracking.

WiFiSpoof Screenshots

A beautiful and Intuitive UI made for humans.

Infinitely configurable

Use it how you want.

Informative and powerful

Zero learning curve required.

Intuitive interface

Quick access to common features.

WiFiSpoof Questions

What can it do, what do you need, and why is it useful.

What can it do?

  • Randomize your MAC address (immediately, or every x minutes)
  • Change your MAC address to an address of your choosing
  • Configure custom rules according to network connection.
  • Restore your MAC address to default

What you will need

  • 1 Mac running macOS 10.11 or better (Mojave recommended)
  • 1 built-in Wi-Fi/Ethernet card
  • 1 device/time restricted Wi-Fi/Ethernet network

Why is it useful?

  • For better privacy when browsing public Wi-Fi networks
  • For network security testing
  • To avoid network restrictions
  • To help mask your online identity

What does WiFiSpoof support?

  • macOS 10.11 or better (Mojave recommended)
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi/Ethernet card
  • Localised for English, German and French
  • *not compatible with 2018/2019 Devices